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Warlock Fluffypants

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Joined: 01 Jun 2016
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PostPosted: Wed Jun 01, 2016 9:04 pm    Post subject: Warlock Fluffypants Reply with quote

:: Application ::
Character Details
Character Name: Fluffypants

Class: Warlock

Level: 100

Armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/kazzak/Fluffypants/simple

Garrison info: Everything maxed for money making.

What Elixirs/Flasks/Buff food do you use in raids to boost your performance?

Buttered Sturgeon for Affliction, Sleeper Sushi for Destruction. 50 int runes, 125 int flask. Double pots.

Describe what you think you would bring to our guild if accepted. (raiding and social aspects)

General dps for what a warlock should do. Always had a high priority on add damage over whoring. Social aspect, a chill guy that knows more about wow then he is willing to admit and a high preparation for upcoming bosses.

Character History
Previous Guilds:
Recent history: - Entropy
- Fabrique
Reason for Leaving:

-Entropy :The guild has gone in a wrong direction to my liking. I dont want to spill too much bad blood cause they are all good people. But it was basically a 5-6 man show carrying the rest. Furthermore it got to the point where progress was dead because people just straight up decided to not show-up anymore. So i found it best to say my goodbye and find a different adventure.
-Fabrique :GM got banned for botting (6months). Guild merged into Entropy. Joined this guild after a 6month break to gear up my warlock and help them with tactics.
-RNG :Been almost a year since i left RNG, reason for leaving was an argument with the GM and his lackey about the way raiding was being conducted. We started as a 3d 3h guild. Got great results with being such a new guild formed in early wod. Once we started going into HFC the guild atmosphere changed into the worse. Now i dont mind extending every now and then to get a boss dead. But it went to every single night of extending for 1h+. And i was ok with that for the time being, but it just went too far for my liking during that time. It went from 3x 3h raiding to 4x 4h raiding + extending every night. So as a statement i decided to log off at raid-end. Got demoted and decided to take a break. Now this was of course in hindsight a bad judgement call. But it was worth it for me at least. After i quit the officer that wasn't there that night stood up for me and got the "lackey officer" kicked.

When did you start this character and how long have you /played?

Started this character at the start of MOP. Got 154d played.

What encounters and raids have you experienced in the past, Pre-Patch MoP, After 6.0 etc? HC / Mythic

-World 322th blackhand mythic (realm 9)
-World 479th mar'gok mythic (realm 10)
-T18 - World 193rd Tyrant Velhari (realm 5th) - This was on my shadow priest which i re rolled for the extra VE during progress

What previous raid experience (Vanilla, TBC, WoLK, Cata, MoP) do you have on this char? Please only mention stuff you did at the time when it was a current raid, we dont need to know you can clear black temple when you are level 90.

-49 tries remaining Trails of the crusader(10man) - not this char. DK tank 10man only guild
-Cleared up to Dark Animus heroic
-Killed thok world 250th (10man) heroic - 300wipes later disbanded on siegecrafter
-Garrosh heroic 10 pre-patch (10man)

What do you think YOUR responsibilities are in a raid? : Dont die, Kill priority adds - provide summoning portals
Give a original answer here, saying to buff and dps/heal/tank isn't really worth mentioning

What is your Spell Rotation/Priority?

Affliction: Pre-pot - SB:Haunt - SB:Soul swap - Dark soul - keep dots up - haunt up during dark soul - drain - repeat
Destruction: Pre-pot - incinerate on 2-3 depending where i'm standing - Immolate - conf conf - try to get as many chaos bolts in with double trinket proc up (DSI+GSR/demontrinket) - keep immo up - conf - incinerate - chaos bolt till its dead.

Why have you chosen to gem and enchant the way you have? Give a brief description on why particular stats are good for your class/spec.

Haste for affliction
Mastery for both
Swapping around roughly 9 items between specs atm.

Post a UI Screen Shot (this is so we know how you see what's around you)


Provide a relevant Warcraft Logs report from your past guild/raid. Not being able to provide this can be detrimental to your application. If you do not have any relevant logs, please run an LFR and log that, we are not looking at your damage, more so your buff up-times etc. Ofc with a new tier it's harder to get accurate logs but do use Normal / Hc to your advantage.


Technical Information
Do you have a boss mods installed?

Exorsus raid tools - Big Wigs

Please list any other addons you use to help you raid.

Weak auras

Do you have a microphone & TS3 installed?

I do.

Describe your skills in spoken English:

Medium to decent. With a heavy dutch accent if i say so myself.

What's your connection & computer hardware?

Gtx 660
8gb ram

Connection: Optic fibre - always below 20ms. Useally around 4world 5home

General Information
Age: 24

Country: The Netherlands

Why did you choose to apply to this guild in particular?

Frankly it was the first guild recruiting saying they could use warlocks. And i think i can be an asset if i get the chance.

Players you know / How did you find us? Crabby - From trade/wowprogress to check extra information

Alts and Level (if any and which guilds they're in):

Enkelundead 735 ilvl (previous main) Entropy

Did you read our Rules & Policies?
I have

What days can you play and what hours during those days (Please let us know now so no confusion is caused if you were to be accepted)?:
(Members are required to be available for raiding at least 3/4 nights week with higher attendance preferred.) Raid days are Wed Thurs Sun Mon. 2000-0000 server time we do occasionally stay later if we are close to a kill. Fri & Sat are off nights but if people are online we try to do alt runs or RBG's.

I can attend every raiding night. Wouldn't have applied otherwise.

Previous online gaming experience (if any):

9years+ in WOW
Casual in other games like cs:go.

Anything else you'd like to include about yourself:

No. Not really :)

Before applying be sure your willing to work hard on your character at level 100 and try to better it outside of raids by spamming heroics, farming mats for crafted gear that will improve your raid performance, and having it all gemmed and enchanted properly.

This goes without saying. And i have the achievement to show for it. Got the feat of strength [Challenge Master: Skyreach] during the 2nd week of WOD. (45minutes to clear it ;) )

All of the above will be monitored during your trial period so be willing to try hard.
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