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Elsiane - Hunter SV/BM [Accepted]

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Joined: 01 Mar 2015
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 03, 2015 2:01 am    Post subject: Elsiane - Hunter SV/BM [Accepted] Reply with quote

:: Application ::

Character Details

Character Name:

Hunter SV/BM (i plan to be BM main spec soon, for sure when i get 4set bonus)



Garrison info:
Great Hall, War Mill, Barracks, Frostwall Tavern, Lumber Mill, The Tannery, Engineering Works, Salvage Yeard = all level 3 (+ Alchemy and Barn on my alt).

What Elixirs/Flasks/Buff food do you use in raids to boost your performance?
Greater Draenic Agility Flask, Draenic Agility Potion, Calamari Crepes, Healthstone, Hyper Augment Rune, Healing Tonic

Describe what you think you would bring to our guild if accepted. (raiding and social aspects)
I want to be a good member of a team where i can bring my skills, knowledge of my class, love to wow and raiding. I am dedicated to my class, loyal to guild and i take raiding seriously. If i do something wrong, i dont mind to be criticised, i learn from it and i try to improve. I am very competetive but not in a way to ruin friendly environement. My attendance is close to 100%, its rare for me to miss the raid.

Character History

Previous Guilds:
I am playig hunter for 4 and half years so i was in more guilds (Progress Denied, Acta No Verba, No Remorse..) but i would like to mention my last two that i consider as best in my raiding experience.
Bifrost: I joined Bifrost during SoO and i was there for half an year. When Higmaul started, guild went to hard core raiding again and wanted to achieve top 5 on Kazzak with 5 raiding days but many problems occured and guild stopped to raid.
Somewhat Normal: After Bifrost i joined a guild Somewhat Normal where i had few friends. Our progress in Higmaul was 6/7 Mythic before Blackrock Foundry was released. Guild is atm rank 15 on Kazzak with 2 Mythic in Blackrock Foundry. I left when we were on Blackhand Hc and 1st Mythic so i dont have those kills.

Reason for Leaving:
I left Bifrost because there were big problems and in the end the guild stopped to raid. Before about two weeks i left Somewhat Normal becuase i was decided to move to Draenor server for my personal reasons but things went differently then i planned and i am staying on Kazzak for 100 percent (I am on Kazzak for very long and i dont plan to move anymore).

When did you start this character and how long have you /played?
I started to play my hunter before 4 and half years (september 2010, shortly before Cata). Hunter is my 1st character on wow and i totaly fell in love with this class. I have 378 days played.

What encounters and raids have you experienced in the past, Pre-Patch MoP, After 6.0 etc? (HC / Mythic)
When it comes to SoO, my experience 14/14 Mythic and was boosting in there in Bifrost for few months. In start of Draenor i was preparing for hard core raiding in Higmaul (with main + alt) and left Bifrost during Highmaul Mythic. I came to Somewhat Normal and my experience in Higmaul before BF was released is 6/7 Mythic. My experience in BF is 9/10 hc. I left when we were on Blackhand Hc and 1st Mythic boss.

SoO - 14/14 Mythic
HM - 6/7 Mythic
BF - 9/10 Hc

What previous raid experience (Vanilla, TBC, WoLK, Cata, MoP) do you have on this char? Please only mention stuff you did at the time when it was a current raid, we dont need to know you can clear black temple when you are level 90.
I started to raid in BoT but as my first serious heroic raiding i consider raiding in Dragon Soul. I was officer in a guild named Carnage (Outland), i helped the guild to create solid raiding team and to start with raids (later we had 2-3 raiding teams running at the same time). We killed almost all heroics (before all nerfs), were on Spine, but then people started to lose interest because Pandaria was about to release in several months. In MoP i was raiding all content - MSV, HoF, ToES - as they were being released. In ToT my progress was 2hc, i couldnt find a proper guild for my needs, my guild during ToT wanted to farm normals rather than HC to gear new people and therefore i got stuck on 2 hc.

BoT - 5/5 N
Tot4W - 2/2 N
DS - 6/8 HC
MSV - 6/6 N
HoF - 6/6 N
ToeS - 4/4 N
ToT - 2/13 HC

What do you think YOUR responsibilities are in a raid? : Give a original answer here, saying to buff and dps/heal/tank isn't really worth mentioning.
Hunter is a ranged damage dealer that can support raiding team a lot. He has great moving (Disengage, Aspeck of Cheetah, Posthaste etc.), crowd control (slows, traps, stuns, good kiter) and survival abilities (Deterrence, Feign Death, good soakers), provides every buff/debuff through his pets (or Lone Wolf), giving Aspect of the Fox to all raid, helps to keep aggro with Misdirection and to reveal stelthed mobs (Flare). We provide nice burst and as a ranged we are able to switch targets very fast, we are usually taking responsibility for killing adds etc. As a hunter and a raider in genereal, i am always trying to take least damage as i can to save mana of healers and to use all abilities to survive (for example timing Deterrence for expected heavy damage, Feign Death to drop aggro). I follow tactics and dont mind to sacrifice my dps when its needed ( there is no point to rape dps meters when not switching to the right target). I am not affraid of responsibility, i am team player and i come to raid prepared (tact, food and flasks etc). My responsibility is also to be vocal and to communicate.

What is your Spell Rotation/Priority?
I start by laying Explosive Trap + prepotting - trinket on use + stampede and then i go my rotation priority: Explosive Shot (Lock and Load = next two Explosive shots for free) > Arcane Shot (Thrill of the Hunt + Scales of Doom = multistrike) > Explosive Shot. I keep Serpent Sting (applied by Arcane Shot and Multishot) and Black Arrow up (20% chance to trigger Lock and Load + with 2set bonus automaticly triggers Lock and Load). Stampede out of cooldown, Arcane Shot to dump focus, Focusing Shot to gain focus. In aoe Multishot + Barrage. Explosive trap as a filler when no cds rdy.

Most important abilities used out of cds but also saving them for important phase of boss when its needed to burst. I also time my rotation with trinkets. Tho its never good to delay too much.

Why have you chosen to gem and enchant the way you have? Give a brief description on why particular stats are good for your class/spec.
The best stat for SV hunter atm is Multistrike so i gem and enchant this way. Multistrike means that each ability has two separate chances to deliver extra damage/heals for 30% of its original value. In addition survival passives Survivalist (damage of multistrike increased by 20%) and Lightning Reflexes (5% more of multistrike from all sources) makes multistrike so good with this spec. Second best stat is Versatility (increases damage and healing done and reduces damage taken).
Now shorty to the rest of stats: Crit is still good but seems not so good as Versatility. Mastery becomes rly nice in aoe. And the last one in stat priority is haste because survival is dot class and our dots dont scale with haste. We have also lower pet damage so haste doesnt boost dmg of our pets that much (like for example BM). And faster Cobra Shot, more auto shots or focus regen provide less benefits then our other stats.

Stats priority: Agility > Multistrike > Versatility >= Critical Strike > Mastery > Haste

Post a UI Screen Shot (this is so we know how you see what's around you)

Provide a relevant Warcraft Logs report from your past guild/raid. Not being able to provide this can be detrimental to your application. If you do not have any relevant logs, please run an LFR and log that, we are not looking at your damage, more so your buff up-times etc. Ofc with a new tier it's harder to get accurate logs but do use Normal / Hc to your advantage.
I logged this fight in LFR, was a bit hard to get a proper pull (ninja pulls all the time etc), i am sending the best pull i had there in lfr.

Technical Information

Do you have a boss mods installed? (Please don't apply until you have)

Please list any other addons you use to help you raid.
Weakauras (i made also trinkets and legendary ring procs in this addon etc), OmniCC, MisDirectionHelper, JSHB, Quartz, TargetHealthProcent, Thogar Assist, Recount + Skada

Do you have a microphone & Ventrilo installed?

Describe your skills in spoken English:
I am used to talk english (and i dont think people have problems to understand me) and i am not shy to call out stuff and to ask if something is not clear to me (rather to ask then to fail) or if i see something important to point out.

What's your connection & computer hardware?
My computer: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2500K CPU @ 4.2 GHz, NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 770 2gb GDDR5, 8GB DDR3.
I have stable internet connection. My latency is around 50. I dont have internet problems and lags in raids.

General Information


Czech republic

Why did you choose to apply to this guild in particular?
I am looking for a guild with similar progress like my previous guild (so on similar level). I also think that your guild is stable with very long history which is impressive. I want to raid with people that enjoy the game same as me and like to compete on high level.

Players you know / How did you find us?
Sadly i dont know anyone who could vouch for me. I found you on wowprogress.com.

Alts and Level (if any and which guilds they're in):
When Higmaul started, i had to be ready to raid also with my alt (mage Setherra, Frost 631ilvl) because we were running half mains half alts raids to spead gear better between main characters. But after that i focused only on my main. If its needed i can work on gearing my mage more. My other alts i have are only to support my main with proffesions, garrisons etc. I dont raid with them.

Did you read our Rules & Policies? Yes

What days can you play and what hours during those days (Please let us know now so no confusion is caused if you were to be accepted)?:
(Members are required to be available for raiding at least 3/4 nights week with higher attendance preferred.) Raid days are Wed Thurs Sun Mon. 2000-0000 server time we do occasionally stay later if we are close to a kill. Fri & Sat are off nights but if people are online we try to do alt runs or RBG's.

I am able to raid every day (only sometimes there are special events like party or familly but its usualy Fri/Sat, so not raiding days, and its only from time to time). I am working Mon-Fri but i am usualy at home at 5pm so evenings are free.

Previous online gaming experience (if any):
I am a gamer since i was a kid, but before wow i never played a game of this kind. I was playing mostly action shooting games (Far Cry, Splinter Cell, Counter Strike, Wolfenstein...) and adventures etc. Now i play also Hearthstone and sometimes Heroes of the Storm.

Anything else you'd like to include about yourself:
I hope i could also find some friends and to do all kinds of activities like achievements, cms etc Smile

Before applying be sure your willing to work hard on your character at level 100 and try to better it outside of raids by spamming heroics, farming mats for crafted gear that will improve your raid performance, and having it all gemmed and enchanted properly.

All of the above will be monitored during your trial period so be willing to try hard.
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Joined: 26 Sep 2013
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 03, 2015 10:43 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

When were you in No Remorse?
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Joined: 01 Mar 2015
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 03, 2015 11:13 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I think it was about one year ago. I remember i joined No Remorse when the guild was progressing on Siegecrafter Blackfuse HC in SoO.
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Joined: 26 Sep 2013
Posts: 330

PostPosted: Tue Mar 03, 2015 11:58 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Ah okay, you joined after I left then Smile

Thanks for the application, we'll have a closer look today and get back to you ASAP.
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Joined: 01 Mar 2015
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 03, 2015 12:02 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

oki, thank you (:
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