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Foustanelas Mage apply [Declined]

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 08, 2015 9:24 pm    Post subject: Foustanelas Mage apply [Declined] Reply with quote

:: Application ::
Character Details
Character Name: Foustanelas-Ravencrest

Class: Mage

Level: 100

Armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/ravencrest/Foustanelas/advanced

Garrison info: lvl 3 alchemist lab/barn/salvage yard/enchanting

What Elixirs/Flasks/Buff food do you use in raids to boost your performance?

100intl flask/ usually 125 food runes when i have or when we are close to a kill or if i want to rank

Describe what you think you would bring to our guild if accepted. (raiding and social aspects)
well i know how important is clean fast kills so i try not to slack on trash and in farm bosses ussually i try to do max dps while doing tactics correct
i try to be up to date with my class by watching videos and i am willing to help other mages
i am looking for a stable guild with good peaple so i can have fun with...the fun part is more important to me than eg finish 150in world and i have been in guilds though good and bad times (like in skyfall 3 guild splits...) so if i like you guys i will be loyal
i will try to have an alt depending on guild needs
Character History
Previous Guilds: Skyfall 14/14Hc pre nerf Guild split
ancient defilers 5/7M HM quited game
i have been playing for 1 month now and i was changing guilds till i find what i was looking for so i left some HC only guilds...i left Imminent 5/10M due to banhammer and now Damge control cause they left to join others guilds...

Reason for Leaving:

When did you start this character and how long have you /played? i started in tbc(lvling) woltk i played the most mosly some pvp with friends and some casual raids In cata i played with breaks in between In Mop i decided that raiding is more fun and rewarding and i managed to get 14/14Hc in Soo pre nerf
What encounters and raids have you experienced in the past, Pre-Patch MoP, After 6.0 etc? HC / Mythic Soo/HM/BRF in latest difficulty....

What previous raid experience (Vanilla, TBC, WoLK, Cata, MoP) do you have on this char? Please only mention stuff you did at the time when it was a current raid, we dont need to know you can clear black temple when you are level 90.

What do you think YOUR responsibilities are in a raid? : dps correct target/don't die/save cds if neaded for a phase/improve/Rip raid cds/do things that i am asigned to do

What is your Spell Rotation/Priority?
pot pre cast pyro firebal x2 or 3 till i have proc...pyro till a good ignite blast x2 use combast on 2d target and spread it...

arcane burn phase to 50% and evocate without using barrage...
(these are the most common mistakes i think mages do...also i am trying to get that extra dps eg by using blast when i have a trinket proc )

Why have you chosen to gem and enchant the way you have? Give a brief description on why particular stats are good for your class/spec.
i already have a good haste so mastery all the way cause it gives bigger ignites...if i didn't had 4set and crit trinket i would have gone crit in order to get a more reliable combast

Post a UI Screen Shot (this is so we know how you see what's around you)

Provide a relevant Warcraft Logs report from your past guild/raid.
https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/xdDkVnPv9mbXYRjM/#fight=48(on some bad tries eg flame--0 combast on 1st wolves/in some fights i didn't have legend ring yet
Technical Information
Do you have a boss mods installed?

Please list any other addons you use to help you raid.
skada/tell me when/tidy plates/weak auras

Do you have a microphone & TS3 installed? yes

Describe your skills in spoken English: 3/5 i guess i can understand well but sometimes i am trying to find the right words

What's your connection & computer hardware?
24Mbps/gtx 970/8Gb/2.67 2.67
General Information
Age: 24

Country: Greece

Why did you choose to apply to this guild in particular?
good progress...a mage is greek so i suppose i can ask questions in order to improve...mage spot open...i don't think its worth it to play on ravencrest anymore

Players you know / How did you find us? none

Alts and Level (if any and which guilds they're in): i am lvling alts in kazzak i have only 1 lvl 100(foustanelass warlock 0 gear and guild)

Did you read our Rules & Policies? yes

What days can you play and what hours during those days
i am studying in the mornings and i have my evenings free almsot all days unless i want to do something different

Previous online gaming experience (if any):
lineage2 /guild wars/age of conan(casual)

Anything else you'd like to include about yourself:
i am in college studying medicine and since i will have transfer i am looking to find a good fit so ask me more questions
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 11, 2015 12:01 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

unfortunately not what we are looking for GL finding a home
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