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Fury Warrior Holo [Declined]

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Joined: 31 Jul 2011
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PostPosted: Tue Jun 04, 2013 11:57 pm    Post subject: Fury Warrior Holo [Declined] Reply with quote

Personal Information
Name: Rasmus
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Country of Residence: Sweden

Character Information
Name: Holó
Class: Warrior
Spec: Fury
Off-spec (if applicable): Arms
Armory Link (Please log off in PvE gear): http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/twisting-nether/Hol%C3%B3/advanced

Detailed Character Information
Explain briefly your DPS/Healing rotation/priority on a typical boss encounter:

Bloodthirst off CD. Pop CS and beserker rage so I can use Raging Blow and hopefully crit with Bloodthirst and get another Raging blow b4 the CS (collosus smash) runs out from the target. If i am over 50rage I can do some rage dump with HS and I use Wild Strike on procs pref afther a CS. My main burst going in to a fight is to pop Racklessness and CS aswell as skull banner with bloodbath, berserk and a Dragons roar. Then wile wating for main CDs to go off is using Bloodbath and DragonsRoar at the same time becouse of the same CD.

Explain your gear and reforging choices, what stats you like to prioritise and Glyphs and Pots/Flasks aswell as my responsebilitys in raid:

I use 1000Strenght fask aswell as 4000strght pots for prepotting and at execute phase.
The most mentionable glyph is raging wind witch is for a more AOE based damge increese.
My job in raids shod be interupting do damge avoid getting killd aswell as useing my banners in a raid profetable way.
I do like to prioratise Crit b4 any thing else afther hit/exp cap. My reforges and gemming is from I follow a website calld ask mr robot that calculates my stats ect. I have gone SMF now.

Do you find your choice of professions valuable for raiding? Please explain why:

dont think they are valuable for raiding. Perhaps they are ok for helping out guild m8s getting crafted gems and armors.

Do you use keybindings or do you tend to click your skills/abilities?

I keybind my abilitys. I find it more simple to play with keybinds than having to click all abillitys with the mouse.

Do you use any macros for raiding? (Please provide them if any):

I dont use any specific macros for raiding. Some times if I need to interupt a target I have on focus I make a interupt focus target macro. I did have a macro where I yelld out every time I putt skull banner down so ppl knew when I they could pop CDs themselvs but didnt work out so gr8

What addons (if any) do you use to assist you with raiding?

DBM. And my Xperl UI to ceep track of alot of information sutch as agro ect.

Do you research your class? If so, how and where? How do you stay up to date on class/game news?

I do reserch my class using varius websites and robots to help me with reforge and gemming to make it to the maximum.

Your PC Specs:
CPU: gen3 i7
RAM: 16 gig
Graphics Card: XFX R7870 BE Overclocked
Internet Connection (Use http://www.speedtest.net): http://www.speedtest.net/result/2530006037.png

Joining Cerebral and Your Guild History:
Why do you want to join Cerebral?

I wanted to join becouse I was looking for a 25 guild. A guild with high-performing members that are happy to take a beating by a end-game boss, but even happier delivering it. I expect you to favour progress as much as the social aspect. When I was looking up 25man guilds I found you. After reading your terms and rules I felt it would be a pleasure to join your ranks as a raider.

Do you have any friends/family in Cerebral?

ya Exxóne the rogue. Him and me are really good freinds.

List previous guilds you have been in and briefly the reasons for no longer being with them:

The only guild worth mention is Philosopher's Stone wich is the guild I have made most progress with.
The guild has come to an end due to lack of motivation and real life issues. I made a lot of friends there and im sad to see it fold.
And the other guild was Apex-TN (i was in the raid team with exxone) wich I was kicked out of becouse they didnt have any raid spots open for me any more.

In what way do you think you could contribute to the guild as a member? If you've been an officer or guild leader of previous guild(s) please provide info:

I believe I can contribute to the guild, I'd be a valuable asset that could easily carry my own weight, but also because I eagerly engage in out-of raid activities (Which i've noticed not THAT many do) such as anything pvp related, dungeons and whatnot. In short, I offer a great raid performance along with great social interaction

Additional Information:

Please list any noteworthy achievements that you have obtained (such as realm firsts, pre-Ulduar Twilight Vanquisher, Pre-TOC Starcaller etc):

I have Cutting Edge: Will of the emperor
I also had realm 2nd on Madness of Deathwing prenerf

Do you read tactics for newly released bosses even if you're not currently progressing on them?

yes sometimes I do to check out in advance so I have a picture of how the encounter looks like.

Can you understand and speak fluent English and do you own a headset?

yes I can speak and undestand English perfect.


I could not find any loggs unfortunaly.
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