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Nidhhogg - Frost Death Knight [Accepted]

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 05, 2013 9:41 pm    Post subject: Nidhhogg - Frost Death Knight [Accepted] Reply with quote

:: Application ::
Character Details
Character Name: Nidhhogg

Class: Deathknight

Level: 90


Frost is my offspec at the moment, thus not as well geared as Blood (493 vs 498). The main weak point is one of the trinkets. I plan to upgrade this as soon as possible with the 522 trinket from ToT reputation however (when I reach friendly, which only requires 1 bosskill). Next to that I am also using a ring with dodge / exp, mainly due to being unlucky with offspec drops. Unfortunately I can't do much about this at this point aside from hoping on an upgrade dropping ASAP. I'm saving my Valor Points for iLvL 522 items.

Professions and Skill Level:
Mining / Jewelcrafting. Both at 600. I started with these professions with the idea of tanking, for which the bonus of mining is the only one usefull (my main spec has been Tank since i've leveled this character). I am willing to reroll to Blacksmithing however to get a better bonus for DPS. It might take me some time to get it to maximum level however.

What Elixirs/Flasks/Buff food do you use in raids to boost your performance?

It would rather be what I would be using as DPS, since I've been maining Tank Smile. But either way, Flask of Winter's Bite, Potion of Mogu Power as pre-pot and during Bloodlust on progression bosses, and if there isn't a feast being used, 275 Strength food.

Describe what you think you would bring to our guild if accepted. (raiding and social aspects):
I'd be bringing a solid raider, knowing my class and rotations and having a fair amount of knowledge of other classes aswell. I'd be prepared for new bosses having read and watched tactics and always have plenty of food / flasks and elixirs stocked if needed. Outside of raids I would be present in the Guild Chat, up for a chatter at pretty much all times about pretty much everything. I rarely ever get angry and in general get along with pretty much everyone.

Character History
Previous Guilds:
-Event Horizon
-Calming Storm
-Calming Storm

Reason for Leaving:
Event Horizon: Event Horizon was the first guild I joined as a raider. My warlock (which was my first main at that point) was level 58 when Burning Crusade went live. I joined Event Horizon when I was 70 only a few days, they were a fairly high ranked guild in Vanilla and were just done with a major roster cleanup, so they were recruiting. With them I raided Karazhan, Gruul's & Magtheridon's lair. We encountered logging issues during the Gruul / Maggy days however, so decided to merge with a guild of which I can't remember the name, creating Infinite.

Infinite: With infinite I raided for the rest of Burning Crusade & the start of Wrath of the Lich King. At the end of BC I had more and more issues meeting the raiding times of Infinite (living @ parents') and slowly became more and more a social member. Eventually I more or less became a full social during Ulduar times and started raiding with alts in PUGs and alt-raids. This is were I leveled and started playing my Death Knight. Eventually I got the invitation of a number of IRL friends to join their guild on a different server with my DK as a tank, which I accepted. I thus transferred there and joined Calming Storm.

Calming Storm: Raided with them during the final stages of Wrath of the Lich King. At the end of Wrath, the decision was made to form a new guild with the core members, switching to 10-man raiding. This became Reboot.

Reboot: Raided with Reboot through Cataclysm. Coming up to the end of clearing Dragon Soul however, we had issues with people not being online anymore. Basically the guild slowly died. I was one of the very last people trying to keep it alive. Eventually I got offered to join Calming Storm again. One of the people who didn't get to join Reboot stayed in Calming Storm and got it up and running as a guild again.

Calming Storm: Is my current guild. I haven't enjoyed raiding with this guild for a number of months now. I've stuck around for so long because I've always been loyal to the guilds I've been in and because there were always people around with made the raids somewhat enjoyable. Recently though, all these people have left, and next to that I've simply come to realise that the manner of which the guild in it's current state is working, doesn't fit me anymore.

When did you start this character and how long have you /played?
I can't remember the exact date I started this specific character, only that it was somewhere in the first half of Wrath of the Lich King. My current /played is 86 days, 8 hours, rounded up to the hour.

What encounters and raids have you experienced in Mists of Pandaria? Please state if it was on 10man or 25man and was it normal or heroic.
I've cleared everything on 10 man normal, and killed the following bosses on 10 man heroic:
-The Stone Guard
-Feng the Accursed
-Gara'jal the Spiritbinder
-The Spirit Kings
-Blade Lord Ta'yak
-Wind Lord Mel'jarak

What previous raid experience (Vanilla, TBC, WoLK, Cata) do you have on this char? Please only mention stuff you did at the time when it was a current raid, we dont need to know you can clear black temple when you are level 90.
I've cleared everything in Burning Crusade up to Kalecqos in Sunwell on my Warlock.

In Wrath of the Lich King I cleared Naxxramas, Trial of the Crusader, Icecrown Citadel, Onyxia's Lair, Obsidium Sanctum, Eye of Eternity and Ruby Sanctum. I'm not sure if I killed any bosses in Ulduar at the correct tier, maybe the first 4 bosses. I can't remember hard / heroic modes for Naxx or TotC either, but in ICC I've cleared heroic up to Sindragosa level appropriate. From ICC on everthing was on my DK. Naxx, Ulduar & TotC were a mix of my DK, Warlock & Shaman.

In Cataclysm I cleared all raids on normal. Dragon Soul and Firelands were killed on heroic in it's entirety and BWD, TotFW and BoT were killed partly on heroic.

What do you think YOUR responsibilities are in a raid? :
Give a original answer here, saying to buff and dps/heal/tank isn't really worth mentioning

To try to get the highest DPS possible out of my current gear, class and spec while taking as little damage as possible and if neccesary, try to help others reach their goal.

What is your Spell Rotation?
Frost Death Knights don't really have a proper Spell Rotation, rather a priority list. These priorities are as follows listing from highest to lowest:
-Soul Reaper (if target <35% health)
-Frost Strike (if Killing Machine up or RP capped)
-Keeping up both deseases
-Death & Decay
-Howling Blast (if both frost runes or both death runes are off cooldown)
-Obliterate (if Killing Machine is up & both unholy runes are off cooldown)
-Howling Blast (if Rime up)
-Obliterate (if one unholy rune is off cooldown)
-Howling Blast
-Horn of Winter
-Frost Strike

Cooldown wise I use Army of the Dead on the pull and Raise Dead, Blood Fury & Pillar of Frost on cooldown. If possible with the fight duration, I try to use Empowered Rune Weapon twice, as efficient as possible (not wasting any runes / runic power). On fights where possible I use Dark Simulacrum aswell.

Seeing as it wasn't asked anywhere in particular, I'll explain my Talent choises here aswell. Glyphs are a bit harder to justify since there are no mandatory glyphs atm for Frost imo. I always have enough Tome of the Clear Minds stached to interchange glyphs to whichever are most usefull for each fight however.

Tier 1: Unholy Blight is imo the best talent to use fro Frost DPS, both as a free reapply of Blood Plague and best Desease Application ability in AoE situations.
Tier 2: When executed properly Lichborne & Purgatory are not needed as a survivability cooldown on a DPS DK. Therefore I choose to run with AMZ to use as a raid cooldown on high magic damaging abilities.
Tier 3: I use Chillblains on fights where the slow / root from CoI is usefull, otherwise I run Death's Advance for the movement speed increase.
Tier 4: Death Pact is imo the best talent here as an “OH SHIT” button.
Tier 5: Currently RE is the highest simmed DPS increase of the three Rune Regen Talents, however I believe this changes in 5.2. Might switch to Blood Tap if that feels better or gives significant higher DPS.
Tier 6: These are my mostly swapped talents, I basically pick whatever is best on the current boss.

Why have you chosen to reforge, gem and enchant the way you have? Give a brief description on why particular stats are good for your class/spec.
Because of the ability Threat of Thassarian, Dual Wield Frost uses Killing Spree procs on Frost Strikes rather than Obliterate and uses Howling Blast to spend Death & Frost runes. Frost damage is our highest damage class, and thus mastery is the most valuable stat (since it increases Frost damage). After getting to the Yellow Hit Melee Hitcap (7.50%) and the Expertise Dodge Cap (7.50%), Mastery has the highest value followed by Haste and then Crit. Reforging focuses mainly on getting as much Mastery as possible while still maintaining the Hit and Expertise caps. For Gemming & Enchanting Strength ofcourse trumps everything (while again keeping the Hit & Exp cap) using Str/Mastery & Str/Hit gems to obtain as much socket bonuses as possible.

Also Post a UI Screen Shot (this is so we know how you see what's around you)
http://imgur.com/gmdZnp8 (Blood)
Edit: http://imgur.com/MXSOlNa (Frost)
This screenshot is taken out of combat and was made while in Blood Spec. I'll add a screenshot in combat and in Frost Spec tonight.

Post a World of Logs report from your past guild or a 3 minute DPS report on the training dummies:
Logging of the 2nd part of MSV & Terrace malfunctioned, so I made screenshots of the skada log. Hope thats somewhat valid... :S
http://imgur.com/vKzSfzJ (Protectors)
http://imgur.com/US2ycbn (Tsulong)
http://imgur.com/NDQO5Ho (Lei Shi)
http://imgur.com/j9etmLd (Sha of Fear)

As said before, I've been raiding as a Tank since I've started to use my Death Knight as my main raider. Most logs found on the Calming Storm page are from that. The log linked here however is taken from LFR today as Frost. I didn't use a Flask or Elixirs for this log and like to add that Bloodlust was not used to it's fullest potential.

I realise and am not afraid to admit that my DPS as Frost isn't as high as it should be with my current gear. Frost has been my offspec since ever, so I'm by far not as good with it as I am with Blood. I am however dedicated to improve and achieve the it's full potential, being it by just raiding and practicing it or reading up on forums & guides like Elitist Jerk or Icy Veigns or talking with people who have mained Frost or can help me simply improving it.

Technical Information

Do you have oRA3 Deadly Boss Mods and OMEN ?
(Please don't apply until you have)

I use CT_Mod and do have CT_RaidAssist, albeit not enabled at this time. If oRA3 is required instead, I will get it. I use Deadly Boss Mods & Omen.

Please list any other add ons you use to help you raid.
The addons that I use which are relevant for raiding are:
-Magic Runes
-Blood Shield Tracker (was specifically for Blood ofcourse, not really relevant for Frost)
-Mik's Scrolling Battle Text
-Tidy Plates: Threat Plates
-Vision Boss Mods (this is a different boss mods which hasn't been updated in a long long time, yet it still has a few other extra's I really like)

Do you have a microphone & Ventrilo installed?

Describe your skills in spoken English:
I speak fluent English.

What's your connection & computer hardware?
My computer is capable of handling 25-man raiding without any issues. If required I can post a list of my used hardware however.

General Information


The Netherlands

Why did you choose to apply to this guild in particular?
I'm applying together with Hexinky & Chauling because we want to try and stay raiding together. This guild has spots for all three of us at this time.

Players you know / How did you come across us?
Via Hexinky, who has a friend in this guild.

Alts and Level (if any):
On my current server (Steamwheedle Cartel) I have all classes but Shaman, Druid & Hunter at 85+ Those three are at 80, 81 and 84 respectively. I have no other characters at level 90, however I am currently in the process of leveling my Monk, with the plan of going Windwalker / Mistweaver.

Are you or any of your alts currently guilded?:
All my characters on Steamwheedle Cartel are still guilded in Calming Storm, however I am not raiding with them anymore. I did not yet leave the guild or got kicked but can do so and switch servers at any moment.

Did you read our Rules & Policies?
Yes, I did.

What days can you play and what hours during those days (Please let us know now so no confusion is caused if you were to be accepted)?:
(Members are required to be available for raiding at least 3/5 nights week with higher attendance preferred.) Raid days are Sun-Thur, 2000-0000 server time we do occasionally stay later if we are close to a kill. Fri & Sat are off nights but if people are online we try to do alt runs or RBG's.

I am able to raid every night from 20:00-00:00 server time if neccesary, although I prefer to keep it at 4 raids a week max.

Previous online gaming experience (if any):
Before I started playing World of Warcraft my main online gaming experience consisted of shooters like Counter Strike(:Source) and Team Fortress. Since I started WoW I have been playing a multitude of shooters casually online and I have participated in a number of Beta Testings of other MMO's (RIFT, LOTRO, SwtoR, GW2). I have however never played any of these MMO's outside of trying them during Beta. The only other online game I am currently active(ish) in is League of Legends.

Anything else you'd like to include about yourself:
Aside from what I've said so far, the only thing I can think of to add is that I am a friendly guy who currently studies Chemistry and ScubaDives occasionally in his free time.
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